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Our Services

DP Advanced Engineering, Inc. proudly offers a variety of structural engineering services that includes the following:

  • Custom Home Design

  • Additions & Renovations

  • Residential Subdivisions

  • Commercial TI & New Construction

  • Site Inspections & Structural Evaluations

  • Retaining Walls

  • Seismic Upgrades of Commercial & Residential Structures

  • Resolution of "Red Tagged" Projects

Owner Support Services

We are pleased to work directly with owners at any stage during the design process. We perform structural assessments of existing buildings, provide structural evaluations of existing conditions/capacities, and investigate the feasibility of renovation ideas. We also conduct building inspections of residential and commercial facilities to provide prospective owners with a review of the structural condition and considerations for a particular building.

Homeowners often have their own designs and may need assistance with only the engineering aspect. We will develop electronic versions of hand-drawn plans as a CAD service, which can then be extended into development of construction drawings if desired. Construction drawings include foundation plans, floor and roof framing plans and any necessary details. We will work directly with the owner, or you can have us coordinate with your chosen builder.

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